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We arrange chances for residents to casually mingle with each other, by using communal space and lobbies to give foreigners living away from their home and families, a home away from home experience. Our annual Christmas party, the calligraphy event, and tea party, are enjoyed by our residents.
Arrival in Tokyo only requires one suit case, because all things necessary for life are provided at Elite Inn. Our skilled staff speak English to make your stay as comfortable and pleasant as possible. While working, please leave your family’s guide of the vicinity and surrounding area under our care.
Elite Inn is a comfortable space and serviced apartment in one. Compared to a hotel, apartments are relaxing and wide, with rooms for living, dining, study, and built-in kitchen. Guest’s receive equal service to that of a hotel, with respect to cleaning of the room, bed making, and concierge guide.
Japanese Experience
Yushima is a traditional town with old streets, wooden houses, stone walls and beautiful scenery. Within short walking distance is Yushima Shrine and Shinobazu pond. It is easy to experience the four distinct seasons of Japan in this beautiful, rich location. It is a town where old meets new. The traditional culture of Japan can still be felt nestled next to the state-of-the-art, technology stores in Akihabara.
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