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Ever since the founding of the company in December 1946, Tsunashima Building Co., Ltd. has--in line with its corporate philosophy of supplying comfortable and pleasant living and office spaces--dedicated itself with enthusiasm and affection toward the provision of such service apartments and rental offices as tenants may find really comfortable and efficient and feel proud of.

All of our staff members, at Tsunashima Building Co., Ltd., are aware of, and take pride in, our social mission to contribute to the betterment of communities in Tokyo by supplying comfortable living and working environments through the pursuit of our corporate belief.

We boast a track record of having successfully managed the "Elite Inn Yushima", one of Japan's pioneer "service apartment houses" with a long history, offering pleasant living spaces for customers from the time they have arrived, with only a suit case, from abroad. On the basis of such a record of good performance, all of our staff members--always acutely aware of the objective of providing pleasant residential and office spaces where tenants may enjoy living or working--have been making efforts, almost day and night, to achieve the ideal of perfection of everything--from small pieces of equipment to the design control of an entire building.

From now on, too, we are committed to the further improvement of our services, in line with our corporate belief, on the basis of the know-how we have developed to date.

President Shizue Kato

Name of company Tsunashima Tatemono Co., Ltd.
Head office address 3-chome, 28-1, Yushima, Bunkyo-ku,Tokyo 113-0034 Japan
Representative President Shizue Kato
Established December, 1946
Capital 40,000,000yen
Employees 13 persons
License of Real Estate Business Real Estate Business License No.41906 issued by Tokyo Metropolitan Governor
Type of Business Apartment rental business(short term available with hotel type services) Office space rental, real estate consulting investment, management.
Affiliated Company Tsunashima Co., Ltd.
Tsunashima Shouji Co., Ltd.
Tsunashima tatemono Co., Ltd.
Contact us Tel: 81-(0)3-3836-0010
Fax: 81-(0)3-3836-4370
Services Apartments
(in Tokyo)
Elite-inn Yushima
Elite-inn Executive
Apartments(in Tokyo) Elite-inn Nido
Offices(in Tokyo) Tsunashima No.3 building


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